About me

Pam Kat (1982) was born and raised in Amsterdam. She studied at ‘The Photo Academy’ (FOAC) in her hometown. 
During her education she developed a special interest in composition with an affinity for architecture. This has led to project-assignments for a range of various clients such as architects, real estate developers and interior decorators
. As a result thereof, her work is being sold and leased by several institutions, offices and private clients. Furthermore, her photography is often used in a wide range of publications, nationally as well as internationally.

Pam uses her admiration for architecture also in her non-commissioned work. Here, the human being is playfully spotted and shot in an interesting architectural setting. Her careful observations, remarkable compositions and edgy sense of the interplay of lines surprises the spectator. These works are being exposed in galleries and exhibitions. In recognition of her efforts Pam has been appointed as New Dutch Photography Talent 2012.